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Agilent (HP) 1100 HPLC System

Prod SKU: Agilent

Complete HPLC System, Built to Suit


Select Agilent Components for your systems for pricing, DAD, RID, WMD, or other Detector, Binary or Quaternary pump, Degasser, AutoSampler, Column Compartment, Solvent Tray, Computer, LCD Monitor and Software

Each system is connected, tested, calibrated and runs samples prior to sale.
A typical Agilent (HP) 1100 HPLC System is composed of;



Complete with 90 day warranty


Detector components for an Agilent 1100 system


G1321A  Fluorescence Detector                               ($5000) - ($7500)

G1315B  Diode Array Detector DAD                          ($3500) - ($6500)


Contact Sales at 763-231-6793 or write for a formal quote.