Beckman Coulter System Gold 166P UV Detector

Beckman Coulter System Gold 166P UV DetectorBeckman Coulter System Gold 166P UV Detector
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The System Gold 166 UV-VIS Detector is built with a digitally controlled rapid refill pump design with automatic compressibility compensation, therefore producing a smooth flow from microbore to semi-preparative flow rates and the high-pressure mixing design eliminates the need for constant helium sparging or degassing. The pumps are combined with high-sensitivity UV/VIS and diode array detectors and autosamplers with automation capability to build high performance HPLC systems.


  • Flow Cell: 10mm, stainless steel, 17ul capacity
  • Max. back pressure: 1000 p.s.i.
  • Wavelength range: 190 to 700 nm single channel, programmable, requires Tungsten lamp for visible light
  • Wavelength accuracy: +/ 2 nm after calibration
  • Wavelength repeatability: +/ 0.05 nm
  • Programmable functions: wavelength, range, rise time, auto zero, event mark, relays, lamp off, peak detection, peak threshold, audible alarms, bandwidth, and stop data.
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