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We are here and ready to help our Medical Research Community to help in the fight of COVID-19.  Our inventory to help combat this COVID-19 pandemic includes:

- 2019-nCoV Real-Time PCR Kit (Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) by the FDA)

- PCR’s

- Spectrophotometers;

- HPLCs;

- Laboratory Grade Refrigerators;

- Incubators;

- Microscopes.


If you have any lab equipment needs give us a call and let us assist you! 

(952) 929-1996



If you suspect you have COVID-19 contact your primary care provider.


Quick links to Coronavirus/COVID-19:

Here are some helpful links for our Medical and Laboratory Officials with important updates and information related to testing, safety, and related guidelines set by the CDC, WHO, as well as our home state from the Minnesota Department of Health.


CDC:  COVID-19 Main Page



CDC Guidelines:



WHO Guidelines:



Minnesota Department of Health:




Evaluating and Testing for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in MN