PowerChek 2019-nCoV Real-time PCR Kit Complete Solution

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Prod SKU: AI-CSTK 1000

PowerChek 2019-nCoV Real-time PCR Kit provides the fast and accurate testing solution for Wuhan coronavirus, targeting he E gene for beta Coronavirus and the RdRp gene for COVID-19 specifically SKU AI-CSTK 1000


Key Features:

  • Based on WHO & CDC reference method
  • E gene detection for Beta CoV & RdRp gene detection specific for COVID-19
  • Highly specific detection for all registered COVID-19 sequence database
  • One-step Real-time RT PCR assay kit
  • Including internal control, positive control and all necessary reagents

Kit Components:

  1. RT-PCR Premix
  2. Primer/Probe Mix 1 (E gene)
  3. Primer/Probe Mix 2 (RdRp gene)
  4. Control 1 (E gene)
  5. Control 2 (E gene)



For Use Under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Only