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Flow Cytometer

Used Flow Cytometers for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping

Flow Cytometers: FCM is an approach to the counting and examining of microscopic particles, often cells and chromosomes. FCM technology suspends tiny particles in a stream of fluid and passes them by an electronic detection apparatus, allowing simultaneous multiparametric analysis of the physical and/or chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second. Flow cytometry has many applications in both research and clinical practice.

There Are Five Main Basic Components of a Flow Cytometer

  • A Flow Cell
  • A Measuring System
  • A Detector and Analogue-to-Digital Conversion or ADC System
  • A Linear or Logarithmic Amplification System 
  • A Computer for Analysis

Analytical Instruments stocks Flow Cytometers, instruments are used to count and examine microscopic cells/particles. The instruments are made by BD Becton Dickinson, Guava Technologies (now Millipore), and Accuri.  We provide service support and installation.


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Flow Cytometer