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Floor Model Centrifuges

Used Floor Model Centrifuges for sale with warranties and worldwide shipping
Floor Model Centrifuges: Floor model centrifuges have a higher capacity than most other centrifuges. They can range from low to high speed depending on the model and manufacturer. Another factor that affects speed, capacity, and features is the particular floor model centrifuge's footprint.    Advantages of Floor Model Centrifuges:High Capacity, High Speed, Avaibility, More Features


Advantages of Floor Model Centrifuges

  • High Capacity
  • High-Speed Availability
  • More Features

Analytical Instruments sells refrigerated floor model centrifuges made by Beckman and Sorvall. Centrifuges are generally sold with a rotor. A variety of rotors are available at Analytical Instruments for each centrifuge.  We have Beckman and Sorvall centrifuges for either high or low volume runs. All centrifuges are given complete PM’s in our service department before shipping and are sold with a 90 day warranty.


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Floor Model Centrifuges