Nicolet Model 360 Avatar FT-IR E.S.P.

Nicolet Avatar 360 FTIRNicolet Avatar 360 FTIR
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Nicolet Avatar 360 FTIR
Nicolet Avatar 360
Nicolet Avatar 360

Nicolet Model 360 Avatar FT-IR E.S.P. :

  • Includes computer with analytic software
  • Software for interpretation of results is also available for purchase separately
  • Ease-of-use and reliability make the Avatar ideal for both industrial and educational laboratories
  • This is a low-cost, entry level FT-IR spectrometer that offers a packaged solution for the entire FT-IR process
  • Includes four KBr Liquid Cells, three KBr Gas Cells, five NaCl Flat Plates, and miscellaneous KBr Windows
  • Operates on 120 VAC, 50\60 Hz, single phase main power
  • 60-Day warranty from AI