Persee TL6 Nano Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [New]

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Persee TL6 Nano Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer [New]:

-New, Never Used

-Includes long-life Xenon lamp

-Operates on 115 VAC, 60 Hz, single phase main power

-Includes one-year warranty directly from the manufacturer

-Includes a calibration function that can be used for sample analysis anytime and anywhere without preheating

-Dual-channel CCD signal detection technology, large color touch screen, 2GB memory, easy to use with faster result

-A compact instrument for fast analysis of nucleic acid and protein concentrations by pipette sample droplet (0.5μL ~ 2μL)

-Equipped with a large color touch screen, which can help the users to set the instrument and carry on all the detection process directly without an additional computer

-Features built-in methods for nucleic acid and protein quantification analysis, including UV absorption method, Bradford dye binding assay and the color method (Lowry, BCA and Biuret)

-In addition, the continuous wavelength design and cuvettes holder allows the users to customize their own detection methods based on the UV/Vis Spectrophotometry and store them in the instrument